• Assessment of forensic psychiatry in Ukraine

    The final report on the assessment visit to forensic psychiatric hospitals in Ukraine was recently presented. The report is a joint publication of the Ombudsman for Human Rights and Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP.

  • No backwards steps in Brazilian mental health reform!

    The replacement of the Brazilian mental health national coordinator, Dr. Roberto Tykanori, by Mr. Valencius Wurch, the ex-director in the 1990’s of one of the most terrible psychiatric hospitals of Brazil triggered national and international support to defend the reform and the movement "luta antimanicomial".

  • Our Stories, Our Lives

    Our Stories, Our Lives is a documentary which captures the lived experiences of people with mental health problems in Chennai, India and Harare, Zimbabwe.

  • 50 million years of work could be lost to anxiety and depression

    Global failure to tackle depression and anxiety is costing the world nearly $1 trillion a year in lost productivity and causing “an enormous amount of human misery”, according to a study that urges the international community to make mental health a priority rather than leave it languishing in the shadows.

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