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  • E-Mental Health in Lebanon

    E-Mental Health in Lebanon

    Fondation D´Harcourt implements a new e-mental health project in Lebanon, a cost-effective and scalable intervention for anxiety and depression.

  • Gregoire Ahongbonon: Freeing people chained for being ill

    Gregoire Ahongbonon: Freeing people chained for being ill

    For almost 30 years, Gregoire Ahongbonon, a former mechanic from Benin, has helped thousands of West Africans affected by mental illnesses, caring for them in residential centres run by his charity, the Saint Camille association. Above all else, he is determined to stop the practice of keeping mentally ill people in chains.

  • "My liver is bleeding": life inside an Afghan psychiatric hospital

    "My liver is bleeding", a local saying meaning "I am unhappy", is a familiar refrain among patients at the Alemi neuro-psychiatric hospital, Afghanistan’s first private clinic, in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. After nearly 40 years of on-off war, mental illness is widespread, but facilities to help patients are few.

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